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Other field trip opportunities are available on the University of Arizona Sierra Vista Campus and the team of professionals from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension may be available to extend  your day on campus with one of their programs: Water Wise Youth, 4-H and Arizona Health Zone.


Their stimulating programs can educate your students on healthy alternatives at ArizonaHealthZone, learn how important it is to conserve water in our desert communities with WATER WISE YOUTH, and 4H Programs engage children in food and agriculture programs and may even bring a friend or two from their petting zoo.


To find out more about their programs and when they are available, contact: Rebecca Dailous at 520-458-8278 ext 2150 or r3b3cc4d@email.arizona.edu

Wendee Grinde

Director of Operations


520-458-8278 ext. 2129

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1140 N. Colombo 

Sierra Vista, AZ  85635

Located behind Cochise College

and follow the UA South signs

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